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rawrrrrrrrrr i need long comfy PJs for the winter ><
& sem4's starting in DAYS! eek

I had a dream last night and even though I was happy in the dream I wish I never had it.
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i am blank D:

my newest obsession

i usually detest emo and draggy kdramas (ESP. WITH LOSS OF MEMORY INVOLVED) but this is really an exception
(even though, yes the male lead did lose his memory in china after getting thrown in the desert and shot, and later getting tortured in some secret prison ahahahahahaha)

like everytime he gets on screen i get terribly distracted by his short but ultra-curled eyelashes o_o

oh well.
he seriously looks sooo much better with unkempt hair + beard than without. :D

ahhhhh i feel like puking. :(
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i am blank D:

i am so mad.

arhkjshdkjgdhskjhg i just feel like occluding someone's carotid arteries 
what an asshole 
but oh well i do partly blame it on pms anyway.

now i just really need to tidy up my sickeningly MESSY room with PAPERS AND BOOKS ALL OVER THE PLACE (because i officially have NO SHELF) and my clothes all over my bed.
and do i need to be reminded that i have not absorbed much from previous studying?
ask me about acute lung injury and my mind goes blank.

this is so not workingggg.

wanted to make martha stewart's banana nut bread but just didn't feel like it while i was cooking dinner AFTER having a meeting for easter event at church AFTER a whole morning of church which was a total mess as well

............i just wish next monday will be over.

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i am blank D:

i have an unnatural obsession...

with recipes.
i can look at recipes for hours and hours and hours without feeling the ticking of time.
& i'll plan what to cook for the week and if the mood/time allows it i might be baking some time soon as well.
that is, if i follow my studying schedule written in my head properly. i hate midsem tests!!! AND WE HAVE 3 THIS SEM and to the delight of the devil we have to study for PBL and pracs too!!! noooooooo.
ohh they look so good ;D

okay time to brew some reallyyyy strong espresso and start studying.
i love louis irving!
even though he doesn't upload his notes on time but his speaking speed makes lectopia-ing tons easier :)

i seriously need to wash my lab coat tomorrow and hopefully it dries by thurs morning. or else i think xiaopei will officially keep me a shoulder away from her since she's terribly adamant on lab coat hygiene especially since we've been touching cadavers.
and we'll be dissecting the heart on thurs
how fun.
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i am blank D:

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 I've only had:

2 slices of wholemeal bread + nattou (fermented soybeans I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH) + one piece of lettuce + ice coffee from 7/11 while i was waiting for hv


omg when will this amazingness last till i wonder.
prob till next morning 8D
i do have some sort of gastric now but i just dont feel like eating.
maybe it's the coffee? hmmmmm

& i am very, very amused by doris's relationship with her (according to her) really cute & gorgeous leo guy.
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